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I really like the concept of this game. It feels like a really interesting starting point for a slightly larger project. The visual design has a very simple yet intriguing style which reminds me of some tarot decks I've seen before. 

The gameplay goal is simple but still feels fun and challenging. My main concern is that there isn't a lot of communication about which direction the ring is going to move and the moving is currently very sudden. A turning animation of the ring snapping into place as it rotates might be nice and some kind of indicator about the current direction of the ring might help the player prepare a bit more.

Additionally, I like the visual differences between the blocks but it does feel as though they might be used in some other way other than just looking different. Maybe some kind of UNO like system where each ring section has a different shape on it and you can match either the color or the shape?

I like the concept of the game; the reversing of the rotation after missing a color makes the game especially challenging but enjoyable. My suggestion would be to slighty adjust the hitboxes of the shapes, because sometimes they can land right in the middle of two colors and I feel it is a bit unforgiving to count that as a hit. Also, perhaps you can make the rotation be "on hold" since sometimes no matter how hard I spam space it is impossible to turn 360 degrees for a desperate attempt save.

Hi Claire, this game is fascinating! All the assets and music match so well. Even the font and low-saturated colors create a kind of mysterious atmosphere. I agree with most of the other comments that this game is definitely visually pleasing. Besides, the mechanics are simple and easy to understand. When I press "SPACE" for the first time, I already know the only movement of the game. In one second, I'm about to know the whole mechanics of your game. I think your game really made a successful introduction to its players!

The only things I could think of and which could make it better are adding a second stage and making different-sized red and blue parts on the ring. Sometimes, I feel it's hard to rotate when "enemies" are approaching from four directions. Maybe you can make only one "enemy" coming in the first stage, then two in the second stage and so on. Overall, this seems to be a very completed mobile game! Nice jobs!

The controls for this game are very smooth and it runs great so nice job polishing this in just a week. I also like the concept of the game and the aesthetic fits it so well, also the sound effects sets the tone so well. As far as the controls, it's pretty straightforward and smooth but the gameplay itself is a bit jarring. I like the idea that it gets harder over time, however, I feel like it gets more challenging a bit too quickly rather than gradually. Another thing I noticed is that the enemies move a tad too quick so I think their speed can be tweaked a little bit, as well as how much are spawning in. Other than that, the game is cool and fun! I can definitely see this as a mobile game people would play on their devices. Great Job!

Hi! I enjoyed playing your game, I think it works really well overall and I think your idea is super great here. Visually, your project looks really cohesive and nice as well which is something I admire. I think it *almost* plays like a rhythm game in some aspects and that is really cool. I will say I sometimes wished that the shapes coming at me were either smaller or my ring rotated in bigger steps because sometimes I would think I matched the color correctly, but the shape would land kind of between two colors and I would still lose a section of my ring. From a selfish perspective too, I wish there was a way to get back a color once I was out or maybe transfer one color to another if I had say two pinks left but no blues. Because sometimes I would lose my last blue section and know my run was pretty much over very quickly. All in all though I had a good time playing this, thank you for sharing!

This is really stunning stuff. The clean visuals, sharp sounds and chill music bring me back to spending hours playing chill mobile games, and this fits that genre perfectly.  It's a wonderful comtemplative rhythm game with alot of depth, and the way mistakes can lead you to spiral out of control I actually found really powerful. To keep track of the various barriers and direction of the wheel, I needed to stay calm rather than panic, which resonated quite  strongly.

On that note though, if I could offer a suggestion, it would be in just be to add a little more juice. I could sometimes get confused which way my wheel was turning, or which barriers had been hit. If the wheel turned quick but smoothly, rather than in a fixed step, or if the barriers emitted some coloured particles when destroyed, I would be able to grab my bearings much quicker and make a plan, rather than spamming the space bar in the hopes of regaining some sense of control.

Again though, this is truly really incredible. The art is intensely detailed but still comes off as minimalist and undistracting, and the same goes for your sound work and the game concept at large. I keep playing again and again not to beat any high score, but because I find your high tension rhythm game of protecting a heart from wanton beats incredibly soothing, and thats an incredible achievement.

The visuals, SFX, and music worked really well together to create a mystical atmosphere. I really like the main mechanic of having to line up the colors, but other things get in the way of me being able to fully enjoy the game. First of all, I would say the rotation of the ring should be rotate by exactly one part. Right now when I rotate the ring it goes half a part, which feels unintuitive, and sometimes I will lose a part because of that disconnect in my mind even though I was already rotating the ring.

I would also note that the change in direction when I lose a part to a different color is very jarring. I'm lose a part and I see I need to line up a different color, but because of the sudden direction change I end up losing the other part and it snowballs from there.

This game is really visually pleasing, and I think the clicking sound when the ring turns fits the game perfectly. The ambient sounds and clean visuals are so relaxing! I also think it’s interesting that each press of the space bar rotates the ring by half of a ring segment rather than a full one, making accuracy extra important.

One issue I had is that there’s nothing balancing out the amount of each color your ring starts with - the second time I played, I had all blue segments of the ring except one. I feel like you’re really at the mercy of the randomization that happens each game - if you only have one or two pink blocks and they’re both grouped up, there’s basically no way to deal with that because you can’t spin around the whole ring that fast. I’d also think it might be good if there were some sort of visual feedback when the ring gets hit by a matching colored block, even if it’s just something small.

Overall though this is cool! Great work.

I love the aesthetic cohesion of this game! The music matches the sonic outputs and feeling of the game and the visuals all feel as if they're part of a consistent space (ie the fonts, the shapes, the slight darkened details in the background. The simple, perpetual puzzle is also surprisingly complex and interesting.

My biggest critique is that I would like more control or input when moving the ring, it feels as if the ring moves too slowly for me to be really in control of what's happening. Maybe this could be fixed by decreasing the amount of time it takes to reset allowing inputs?