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I grew up playing a lot of point and click adventure flash games as a kid, so this game really hit my nostalgia button as I was playing it. It was a bit confusing what I had to do sometimes, but that also goes with any game of this sort. Direction for the player is essential, but also can't be hand-holding which makes it tricky to allow for players to experience the game in the way you want them too. Overall though I had a lot of fun playing this game!

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I was not expecting a point and click adventure game in this Jam and this certainly opened my eyes for possibilities. Loved the Rusty Lake-ish vibe with the bizarre & surreal use of assets. However, while I totally understand that the time budget is a thing, I don't really see any suggestion or even hint for me to click on the banana for the Sprite, and the fact that the clock also ticks at 10 made it extremely frustrating, because It just suggests its 5400 or 5412 .etc so hard. Unless it's an intentional design decision to frustrate the player, I would suggest removing the clicking sound when the banana hits 10.

Very interesting usage of the assets. Also I am sorry for being stupid, but I couldn't open the lock:> It was amusingly interesting to give a brain a bottle of Sprite then put a banana on a clock, though I guess that's phone thing for dialling idk. Very fresh idea and very unqiue experience.

What a beautiful game! I really enjoyed exploring the landscape, and talking with brain while trying to figure out the little puzzles.
The only thing I would add is to perhaps make the UI a bit more connected to the theme of the game, or something that isn't so apparent, but then again this is a week project.

Good job!