School work, a rapid prototype within one week, given the prompt Non Human POV. 

*** Click on the screen to hear music ***

Humans (Homo sapiens) are a species with a fair level of intelligence and a strong tendency of self-destruction. This species can easily become endangered and extinct. It is our job to protect and preserve endangered creatures interuniversally. Therefore, the Interuniversal Union for Conservation of Homo Sapiens has been established. It is your job to maintain the three level of stability, population and science (three bars on the left) of this species by taking or rejecting the advice (on the right), including their knowledge of our existence (you don't see the actual bar but only the indicator of going up or down). Don’t let them figure us out! 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withUnity


Download 25 MB


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Wow this is such a cool concept for a Non-Human POV! It's interesting how you chose more of a choose your own adventure style narrative game rather than an atmospheric game to showcase the non-human POV, but I think it works pretty well! I do wish there were a few more choices to extend the length of the game a bit, but overall, super solid!

Really creative idea! I think the sound and visual design mesh well together! i did think a little visual clarity could be added to the game though. If I had things that told me what the icons meant, or glowing affects on the yes or no buttons, I think I would have a better grasp of the game. Additionally, I could not restart the game after being fired.

Yo Claire, this game is really creative, thought provoking, and funny! The overall vibe of the game is great, thanks to the music, sound effects, and visuals. I think the way the meters work is really cool, as well. The prompts that were given are well written and fun, however, I did get a few back to back repeats. I was a little confused at first with what my task was, but I figured it out pretty quickly, I suppose a small written tutorial in the game would help! All I can really say is that this game could benefit from more! Not to say that what you have here isn't enough, I just want more of this game, I wanna see where it goes with more time dedicated to it, great job!

I really like the whole vibe of this game. The sound design and the Art style fits the theme nicely. I really enjoy the sound of pressing down the button. The writing adds a lot of flavors to it. I like the clean UI design a lot, but it took a while to get a sense of the meaning of those 3 signs on those 3 bars. I wouldn't mind to have some more instructions at the start so players could understand their goal quickly. Great work overall!

Great job, Claire! A very "Reigns" vibe to this, with managing multiple stats by answering yes-or-no to requests. I really dig the minimalist aesthetic, but I do wish that the bars on the left had labels at least, even if they were abbreviated so as to not clog up the space. Or even have labels appear if you moused over them, that'd be fine, too.


I love this! The UI, music, and atmosphere is awesome! I love the idea and you did a great job carrying it out. A couple critiques:

UI positioning is hard and Unity does not make it easy, and I noticed that the bars go out of place when you are in full screen

Also there are weird triangles in front of the text sometimes. Nothing that makes it unreadable, but definitely a bit more difficult to parse.

I had a lot of trouble figuring out the mechanics. I couldn't figure out if I was supposed to increase all of the bars or keep them at the middle, and then I ended up losing without knowing why. I think there needs to be clearer instructions and better feedback on your actions. Maybe also a warning that the situation is becoming critical?

overall though, great work!

I love this game so much! The style is great and it all looks like part of a planned, purposeful aesthetic set. You have a real talent with visual design! The system seems like a super cool take on Reigns (I believe, or you may have never played it and instead self-synthesized), which is always great to develop with other themes.

My biggest critique is that I wish the icons were a bit more understandable... they Look Nice but I can't really tell what each icon stands for with the meters. This might be purposeful, because we're playing from the perspective of an alien. Even if this is why they're hard to understand, there still I think needs to be a bridge between what the meters represent and what the icons tell the player, given that a game with such heavy decision making based off of written goals can be more effective if it can communicate the needs of the writing properly.

Oh, also the button press sounds are great.